Service Options

Service Options

Your loved one was important and lived a life that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. Their story is unique and we want to help you tell that story and write the perfect final ending. Our service options will allow you the chance to do just that.

Burial Services

Considered the most traditional of the forms of disposition available to families, our burial services can be tailored to each family wishes or requirements, as well as share the memories and stories that make your loved one special and unique.

  • Our Immediate Burial service is when your loved one has requested that they want to be buried with the least amount of expenses. While there is no visitation or funeral services held at the funeral home or other location, the family is highly encouraged to hold a graveside service at the time of their loved one’s burial.
  • Our One Day Visitation with Burial allows our families to hold visitation and funeral services at the funeral home or another location that is meaningful to you and your family. The following day, the family gathers at the cemetery for graveside services and the burial.
  • The Visitation with Same Day Service Concluding at Graveside, or more commonly referred to as our All in One Day Burial Service is commonly used when families wish to do the visitation, funeral services and burial all at once.
  • What many of our families have come to know as the “traditional burial,” our Traditional Funeral with 1 or 2 days of Visitation and Services, allows families to spread their services out over several days. With visitations being able to be held up to 2 days, families are able to spend the most amount of time with family and friends. The following day, funeral services are held before burial takes place.

Cremation Services

In addition to our burial services, we are proud to offer our families unique cremation services, either with or without visitation. Unlike burial, cremation also offers our families special ways to memorialize their loved one from custom cremation urns, jewelry and other keepsakes. All of our cremation services also allow our families a chance to fulfill requirements such as inurnment or scattering of your loved ones ashes.

  • Our Direct Cremation services offer our families numerous options, including services with customizable full urn engraved urns and private viewings for immediate family members before cremation takes place.
  • Our Service of Remembrance provides our families with a chance to hold a visitation following the cremation of their loved one at the funeral home or a place of comfort and meaning.
  • One of our most popular cremation services is our One Day Visitation. With this service, families are given a chance to have an open casket visitation with their loved one to share stories and memories with family and friends before the cremation takes place.
  • Our Visitation with Next Day Services and No Procession, allows our families a chance to have a visitation on the first night, followed by services the following day at a church or other location that is meaningful to the family.
  • Our Traditional Funeral with Cremation again allows our families to have what many have come to know as the “tradition funeral.” Identical to our Traditional Funeral with Burial, the Traditional Funeral with Cremation provides up to 2 days of visitation, with funeral services following the next day. In lieu of burial, your loved one is taken from the funeral service to the crematory for cremation.

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